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» Gabrooo (Dj Parv)
» Gal Meri Sun Ja (Promo) (Nirmal Sidhu)
» Galay Lag Ja Exclusive (Promo) (Bonafide)
» Galeh Lagja (Chan Has)
» Galliyan (Promo Feat Labh Janjua) (Jr Dread)
» Gang Bang (Various Djs)
» Get Blitz (Juggy D)
» Get Blitz (Juggy D)
» Get Rich Or Die Mixing (Naughty Baba, Dj Desi Rhymes, Juggy Da Deejay and others...)
» Gippy Vs Geeta (Mr Big Brown)
» Glasgow 2 Punjab (Mirza Zee)
» Glassi (DJ Sat Singh)
» Glassi (Aar Bee)
» Got The World In Fear (Dj Aps)
» Greatest Misses 2011 & Best of 2010 (Dj Aps)
» Guest Mix - Surinder Rattan (Exclusive) (Various)
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