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» Puade Television De (Ali Brothers)
» Duawaan (Ali Brothers)
» Nikaah (Arjun and Ali Brothers)
» Wapis (Ali Brothers)
» Tumhe Dil Lagi x Bol Kaffara (Ali Brothers)
» Sai Laadi Shah Mileya (Ali Brothers)
» Sajda (Wadali Brothers)
» Nach Lainde (Ali Brothers)
» Gidhe Vich Tu Nachdi (Ali Brothers)
» Dil Haar Ke (Ali Brothers)
» Rabb Da Dedar (Wadali Brothers) [R]
» Gehne (Ali Brothers)
» Palka (Ali Brothers)
» Mele (Ali Brothers)
» Terian Beparwahiya Rabba (Wadali Brothers)
» Alaf Alla (Wadali Brothers)
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