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» Shareek 2 (Jassa Dhillon, Gur Sidhu, Yasir Hussain and others...) [R]
» Hun Bhulgayi (Harpi Gill)
» Diamond (Harpi Gill and Maninder Buttar) [R]
» Family (Harpi Gill)
» Kabza (Harpi Gill and Gurneet Dosanjh)
» Laal Pari (Mista Baaz and Harpi Gill)
» Jhotey Yaar (Harpi Gill and Kamal Khaira) [R]
» Suit Sandal (Harpi Gill)
» Lethal Jatti (Harpi Gill) [R]
» Ardab Mutiyaran (Singga, Harpi Gill, Gurshabad and others...) [R]
» Muklawa (Ammy Virk, Minda, Mannat Noor and others...) [R]
» Jutti Da Number (Harpi Gill) [R]
» Jutti Da Number (Harpi Gill)
» Tere Pind (Harpi Gill)
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