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» Dastaan E Sirhind (Daler Mehndi, Kanwar Grewal, Jyoti Nooran and others...)
» Jionda Reh (Prabh Gill)
» Mehak Teri (Prabh Gill) [R]
» Tu Meri Aan (Prabh Gill)
» Heer Wargiye (Prabh Gill) [R]
» Allah Ve (Prabh Gill) [R]
» Loveholic - EP (Prabh Gill) [R]
» Shukar Guzar (Prabh Gill)
» Ve Dhola (Prabh Gill) [R]
» Kade Haan Kade Naa (Prabh Gill, Singga, Afsana Khan and others...) [R]
» Without You (Prabh Gill)
» Sarbat Da Bhala (Prabh Gill)
» Yaar Sharabi (Prabh Gill) [R]
» Mann Ja Ve Yaara Meriya (Prabh Gill and Yuvraaj Hans) [R]
» Saah (Prabh Gill) [R]
» Mera Good Luck (Prabh Gill) [R]
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